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Welcome And Well Met!!!

So you found your way to our Champions of Honor: Hearth Guard. Good, come in out of the chilly night air and warm yourself near the hearth.  Here is a stein of ale to warm  your bones.  

Who am I you ask? HAHAHA, you are new to these parts aren't ya boy!  I am Wolfen Knight Redwolf, or just Wolf if ye like. You have been in our lands for a few days now. We were betting on if you would make it or not.  I WON!! I had faith in ya boy. 

What? Speak up boy, can't hear ya over the chattering of your teeth.  Drink your ale like a good lad.  There ya go, better? OH! Who are the Champions of honor you ask. Well lad we are the ones standing between the normal people of these lands and the coming storm of darkness that threatens to swallow us all whole! That is who we are! We stand and fight against this darkness for those that can't themselves.  We fight to protect what is ours and for Hope. Hope for the future. Hope for our children and our children's children.  Some of us fight just to fight and the Darkness is a worthy enemy. 

What  is this Darkness I keep mentioning? Hell boy!! Where you been? Hiding under a rock? 

Now calm down I meant no disrespect lad. We have been fighting the Darkness for so long it is hard to fathom anyone not knowing about him.  Give me a moment to decide where to begin at.....AH I KNOW WHERE!

Do you know what the Cryptids are?


By the Gods, did you fall and hit your head while you were stomping around out there? No? Okokok, do you know about or ever seen Unicorns, Pegasus, Dragons, Wyrms, Centaurs, Minotaurs the walking dead, Vampires, Succubi, Gargoyles, Werewolves or anything similar? NO I HAVE MOST CERTAINLY HAVE NOT HAD TOO MUCH ALE!!!! Yes they are very much as real as you or I boy.  You think I am daft do you?! Well, we will just see who is daft now


You have to be polite they do have feelings you know.  Stop looking at me as if I am daft. I know of what I speak.  No he wont be coming from the hallway. Look behind you. In the Hearth. You may want to stand back though. He has some issues with personal space.  

WHOA NOW LAD!!! Calm down and put away that hog sticker. Wouldn't do ya much good any way. He would just melt it to slag.  Yes boy Azra is a Fire Efreet. A greater fire efreet to be precise lad. We have battled and laughed together for many many years. By the Gods boy stop hyperventilating and calm down.
Azra, you best go for now till the lad calms down enough.  
    Yes, Azra is just one of many types of Cryptids. Those that I mentioned earlier are others but not all. It was the Cryptids duty to protect this world from HIM. NO, not that tavern music playing louse.  HIM, The Shadow King of Annihilation. He is an ancient celestial destroyer of worlds. The greatest threat we will ever face.  The Cryptids sent the strongest, bravest champions against him and they were destroyed. The Cryptids did not give up. They continue to battle against HIM and his forces. Then the spirits whispered to them......WHAT,  a unicorn can exist but not spirits? As I was saying, the spirits whispered that a hero or heroes would join with the Cryptids to fight and finally vanquish HIM.  So they set out looking for these heroes to join with to finally put an end to HIM.   Are we those heroes you ask? Well I do not know for sure but we fight by their side none the less.
    Well it is late and you have had quite the night. Go find a room and get some sleep. We will talk more tomorrow about all this.
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Weekly Stats Added by Snow

WKredwolf, Sep 13, 12 2:29 PM.
Weekly Stats are now posted in the Members Forum.

Want to thank our Logistics Officer, Snowmenrule for all her hard work keeping the Weekly Statistics for us.


Water Alter

WKredwolf, Sep 11, 12 6:49 PM.


​Thank you all for your hard work. Now we only have one more to go.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

WKredwolf, Sep 11, 12 3:46 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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